Is it Alright to Avoid Sex for Long?

Have you been concerned that your partner might be avoiding sex? Unless you are Japanese, who aren’t having enough sex for fear that the woman might conceive, and thereby increasing the risk of extinction for their community, not having sex is not something you should incorporate in your lifestyle.

According to an article on Business Insider in 2015, a survey of 1,134 people revealed that 48.3% of the men were not having sex, while the percentage of woman not having sex stood at 50.1%. The article further stated that these men were just not interested in sex and were avoiding relationships altogether. Worrying, isn’t it? Leading Male Enhancement, a site that offers unbiased reviews of male enhancement pills, said in their Irexis reviews that this avoidance of sex could have long lasting effects on one’s emotional and physical health.

Why do People Avoid Sex?

The reason for avoiding sexual intimacy could be many, where focusing on things like career and money could be a major cause, just like in Japan. There are, however, chances that the reason for your partner’s avoidance could be a medical condition. According to an article published by Insider in 2017, the fear of having a heart attack or stroke has been a major reason for people to avoid sex. In addition, those who are undergoing medication for a chronic illness may have low libido or might fear pain, which they experience during intercourse.

In addition, erectile dysfunction has been a common reason for men avoiding sex. This condition often leads to shame, emotional distress and low self-esteem, hampering sexual performance. Men suffering from erectile disorders live in constant fear of not being able to get or sustain an erection, which would then be a reason for embarrassment and even rejection by a significant other. Erectile dysfunction also has a negative impact on the female partner, who confuses the problem with their partner’s lack of interest in them.

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Consequences of Not Having Sex

The first thing that relationship issues affect is the couple’s sex life. However, an article published by Prevention stated that those who used to have sex but are not doing so off-late, start feeling more anxious in other aspects of life as well. This is supported by the fact that when a couple has sex, their brain releases feel-good chemicals, such as oxytocin and endorphins, which helps improve one’s state of mind and relieves stress. Interestingly, not having sex provokes you to further not have sex, leading to a decline in libido over time.

Among men, not having sex increases the risk of prostate cancer. This is because harmful substances that could potentially lead to cancer are removed from the prostate through ejaculations. On the other hand, women who have not had sex for some time might experience pain on penetration, which then leads to them further avoiding sex.

Other than the physical changes, a sexless relationship can affect a couple at a deeper level, since they might lose interest in each other, severely hampering their bonding.

So, what is the solution? If you have been avoiding sex for any reason, it is time to take the help of male enhancement pills like Irexis to bring back that lost spark in your life and in your relationship.