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Is it Alright to Avoid Sex for Long?

Have you been concerned that your partner might be avoiding sex? Unless you are Japanese, who aren’t having enough sex for fear that the woman might conceive, and thereby increasing the risk of extinction for their community, not having sex is not something you should incorporate in your lifestyle.

According to an article on Business Insider in 2015, a survey of 1,134 people revealed that 48.3% of the men were not having sex, while the percentage of woman not having sex stood at 50.1%. The article further stated that these men were just not interested in sex and were avoiding relationships altogether. Worrying, isn’t it? Leading Male Enhancement, a site that offers unbiased reviews of male enhancement pills, said in their Irexis reviews that this avoidance of sex could have long lasting effects on one’s emotional and physical health.

Why do People Avoid Sex?

The reason for avoiding sexual intimacy could be many, where focusing on things like career and money could be a major cause, just like in Japan. There are, however, chances that the reason for your partner’s avoidance could be a medical condition. According to an article published by Insider in 2017, the fear of having a heart attack or stroke has been a major reason for people to avoid sex. In addition, those who are undergoing medication for a chronic illness may have low libido or might fear pain, which they experience during intercourse.

In addition, erectile dysfunction has been a common reason for men avoiding sex. This condition often leads to shame, emotional distress and low self-esteem, hampering sexual performance. Men suffering from erectile disorders live in constant fear of not being able to get or sustain an erection, which would then be a reason for embarrassment and even rejection by a significant other. Erectile dysfunction also has a negative impact on the female partner, who confuses the problem with their partner’s lack of interest in them.

The good news is that they are very effective male enhancement supplements, made of completely natural ingredients that have proven to help with the quality of erections, while also increasing libido and overall physical health. In fact, Irexis reviews state that being made of all natural ingredients and by following the recommended dosage, there are minimal chances of any harmful side effects.

Consequences of Not Having Sex

The first thing that relationship issues affect is the couple’s sex life. However, an article published by Prevention stated that those who used to have sex but are not doing so off-late, start feeling more anxious in other aspects of life as well. This is supported by the fact that when a couple has sex, their brain releases feel-good chemicals, such as oxytocin and endorphins, which helps improve one’s state of mind and relieves stress. Interestingly, not having sex provokes you to further not have sex, leading to a decline in libido over time.

Among men, not having sex increases the risk of prostate cancer. This is because harmful substances that could potentially lead to cancer are removed from the prostate through ejaculations. On the other hand, women who have not had sex for some time might experience pain on penetration, which then leads to them further avoiding sex.

Other than the physical changes, a sexless relationship can affect a couple at a deeper level, since they might lose interest in each other, severely hampering their bonding.

So, what is the solution? If you have been avoiding sex for any reason, it is time to take the help of male enhancement pills like Irexis to bring back that lost spark in your life and in your relationship.

How Functional Medicine Doctors Help in Treating Low Back Pain

Did you know that an estimated 75-85% of Americans suffer from some form of back pain during their lifetime? And, in about 90% of such cases, pain can improve without the need of surgery. This fact has been revealed by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons on their official website.

A large number of cases of low back pain are being treated by functional medicine doctors who delve into the underlying causes of the condition in a systematic manner by involving their patients so that an appropriate therapy can be prescribed. The availability of alternate health management institutions such as the Holistic Houston Doctors comes as a great relief for someone exploring low back pain treatment in Houston.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Before you consider taking the route of drugs and/or surgery, take a moment to understand the symptoms that you have. One of the best things about this condition is that it is self-diagnosable. This means that you can diagnose it yourself. If you experience pain in the lower back, hips or legs area, it may point to a back problem. Such issues crop up after a prolonged period of sitting or standing. Detailed diagnostics are also available in the form of Myleogram, X-rays, CT Scan, Discography and MRI.

Identifying the Underlying Causes

There are a number of factors that can cause back pain and if you visit any natural health clinic in Houston you will realize that identifying the underlying cause becomes an important quest for chiropractic or functional medicine doctors so as to prevent the recurrence of the issue. Causes of low back pain can be wide ranging – due to any injury to the back area cause by an accident or a sporting activity and could also be a lifestyle diseases such as obesity, arthritis, or for that matter even psychological stress.

Natural Remedy is Available

Following are some simple tips suggested by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) that you can follow to prevent and manage the treatment of lower back pains:

  • Stay agile! Avoid a prolonged period of inactivity.
  • Consider ergonomics when buying furniture.
  • Maintain a correct body posture at all times.
  • Watch your weight and avoid having junk food.
  • Do warm up and stretching before doing exercises.
  • Wear low heeled and comfortable shows.
  • Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness.

In addition to these tips, you must also consider visiting chiropractor or functional medicine doctors to look for ways in which you can prevent and treat low back in a natural manner. They can help you in identifying the root causes of the pain and win back the strength and balance of your body so as to prevent a recurrence. Chiropractic adjustments, also called activator methods, can be introduced to deal with the pain. These methods analyze the spinal movements in great detail and help in the delivery of an appropriate level of adjustment to the patient.

If you have been ignoring those nagging pains and popping some pills for some temporary cure, there’s a need to act immediately. Visit a natural health clinic in Houston for a longer-term cure of low back pain.

Natural ED Cures You Didn’t Know About

European Association of Urology meeting revealed that erectile dysfunction largely goes untreated. The data divulged that only a fourth of the men that filled prescriptions actually went on to receive treatment for it.

The reasons can be different; while some men are too embarrassed to even talk about it, some are reluctant to try medications rumored to have side-effects. Another reason could be the dearth of information on how prescription medications work to cure ED. Despite it posing a major risk for heart disease, the apprehension towards getting it treated is alarming.

This is probably the reason why natural treatment and taking herbal enhancements seems to be the best cure for ED. A Maxis10 review on Men’s Health Digest states that these pills are the best male enhancement treatment for ED, being formulated with BioPerine to improve nutrient bio-availability, which is highly important in utilizing its other ingredients. Check out some effective alternative treatments you never knew about.

Lose Weight

This is undoubtedly one of the best natural cures for ED not many know about. If you’re overweight, chances are that your body is low on testosterone, which is the culprit behind your low libido and irregular erections. Men with a 30-inch waist are 50% less likely to have ED than those with a 40-inch waist. Walking just 2 miles per day can help even reverse current ED.

Do Kegel Exercises

Pelvic exercises, also known as kegels, are primarily used to treat urinary incontinence and sexual issues. They work by conditioning the bulbocavernosus muscle, so as to facilitate healthy blood flow to the penis and to completely empty the urethra after you pee. This, in addition to taking herbal supplements for testosterone-boosting and erectile dysfunction can help to restore normal sexual function.


This ancient technique helps to treat not just depression, back pain, and obesity, but even erectile dysfunction. In acupuncture, needles are used to relieve the body of stress and mental blockages. The needles pierce your skin to stimulate nerves, release important hormones, and improve blood flow. If you’ve only recently developed ED, acupuncture can prove to be an effective natural cure.

Try Herbal ‘Viagra’

Panax and red ginseng are among the best natural remedies for ED, and are often known as herbal viagra. Red ginseng, also known as ashwagandha, is grown for 5 years or more before being used to make a dietary supplement. Top male enhancement pills like Xanogen, Maxis10, and Virectin use ginseng in their formulation.

Eat more fruits

The best kept secret of the fruit world is that watermelons and dark fruits like berries are extremely helpful in erectile dysfunction. While watermelons have citrulline, an amino acid that can improve blood flow to the penis, berries have antioxidants that can help in the retention of nitric oxide. The best thing about fruits is that they offer results without the side-effects seen in prescription medication.

See a psychologist

It is often said that erectile dysfunction is equally psychological as physical. Depression is one of the primary causes for ED and low libido. It could be a matter of a simple lifestyle change, getting more sleep, or taking a natural supplement.

Do Adderall Alternatives Really Work?

While most people may be familiar with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD as it is commonly referred to as something that children mainly deal with, the truth is that there are millions of adults that suffer from the same disorder. Many adults may not realize this until later on in life when they find themselves struggling to get through their daily tasks or work. You may find you have difficulty paying proper attention and keeping focused regularly. When you have been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, your doctor may recommend that you take certain prescription medications that are designed to help you. The problem is many of these prescription medications come with a number of drawbacks and you may want to seek out some of the over-the-counter alternatives that are available to you. However, you may question – does this Adderall alternative work?

The Dangers of Prescriptions

There are millions of people around the world that take Adderall and other prescription drugs like it, however there can be significant side effects and drawbacks to using the medication. Any time you are introducing a prescription drug that is going to change the chemical balance of your brain, you run the risk of potential side effects that may be unpleasant to you. On top of the potential side effects, medications such as Adderall are also known to be highly addictive in nature. You may find that when you are taking something like this that you need to regularly increase your dosage to get the quality results that you want. This will lead to a chemical dependency where your body needs more and more of the drug to function. Drugs of this nature are also very difficult to break from and can require rehabilitation in order to successfully overcome an addiction.

Using One of the Alternatives

Instead of making use of the prescription medications, you may want to explore some of the natural alternatives that are currently on the market. Products such as Addtabz and others like it can provide you with the results you are looking for in terms of better focus and concentration so that you can work through each day without the dangers of the chemicals and synthetics that you find with prescription drugs. These natural supplements make use of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts to help provide you with the results that you need in a safe manner.

The Adderall alternatives that are sold today can really work well for you but you do need to take the time to find which pills are known to be the most effective so you can be sure you have made the right choice for yourself. You want to be sure that you read an Addtabz review and reviews of other supplements available at Smart Pill Guide so you can be sure that you understand just what each of the products can do and which has tested to be the most efficient and effective.